Thanks to everyone in the Point Publishing team who helped me so much. To have an idea for a book and a draft is very different from having a book that’s actually going to be helpful and engaging, so thank you for getting me here. Special thanks to my publishing manager, the wonderful Debra, for patiently allowing me to update references right until the last moment(!), and for bringing your incredible publishing experience to help me make this book a valuable resource for women with PCOS. Clare Goodwin, author of Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Debra helped me take a book that I thought I had finished writing and turned it into a completed concept that really was ‘finished’. Her team at Point Publishing were fantastic to work with and the journey we took together ended in a result that was much better than I expected. – Logan Wedgwood, author of Grow 3X

Debra Millar knows her books! She is a total professional who has a passion for the process and genuinely cares about the end result. I have worked with her on a number of projects over the years, but most recently on a large book project that was new to me but thankfully very familiar to Debra. Her quiet control, ability to wrangle all the diverse skills and talents involved in producing a book, and understanding of exactly how to let the process unfold is deeply impressive and hugely admirable. She is also a thoroughly enjoyable person to work with. I wish her all the very best with Point Publishing and look forward to reading the results.  Kim Thorp,  Black Barn Vineyards 

Debra Millar became a customer of mine in my early days of Little and Friday. Her idea to create a cookbook based around our story was adventurous at the time, as we were a tiny bakery, unknown to many, in the depths of Auckland suburbia. ‘Treats from Little and Friday’ became a bestseller and following the success of that book we went on to work together on two more cookbooks. Along the way Debra has gently guided me with her extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, and her ability to bring together the right people for the job, such as photographers and designers, has made the whole experience a really positive one. I have always enjoyed working with Debra and find her extensive publishing knowledge and creative style an asset to any project we have done. ­– Kim Evans, Little and Friday

Debra Millar commissioned me to write a biography of Prime Minister John Key. Her timing was immaculate. It was 2013, he had been nearly five years in office and was at the height of his popularity. Her brief for me was equally immaculate. I was to form my own conclusions about the reasons for Key’s popularity and provide an illuminating portrait of the man. She provided a guiding hand that was clear and encouraging throughout the project. She knows publishing, knows the New Zealand market and knows how to inspire writers and keep them focused. She does so with patience, good humour and gentle professionalism. I can recommend her to anyone or any organisation with a publishing project in need of the best in the business. John Roughan, author of John Key: Portrait of a Prime Minister

The process of writing a book can be quite demanding. Working with Debra on my book was a great experience. Debra kept me up to date with everything in order to complete the task. Her enthusiasm is special. – Steve Williams, author of Steve Williams: Out of the Rough 

I worked with Debra when I published my first book. She was amazing!  I had a story to tell but had no experience in writing, editing or publishing a book.  Debra was a star and patiently guided me through the process.  She clearly had a wealth of experience to draw upon and was excellent at keeping me focused and moving forward with the project.  It was an emotional journey for me as my book was a very personal story.  Debra was wonderfully supportive, not only while I was writing the book, but also afterwards when the book received media attention. – Karen Scott, author of Another Mother’s Love